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“Be prepared, you will know that the 3rd year is the year of writing and if you look back after ending this term, you will feel proud of yourself,” said Kanyanat Limwattanaphan one of JM 310 students in 2018 class

Time flies so fast, I could not believe that this is the end of this semester and it is a full four months since I have been studying in this course JM310 Editorial and Article writing.

There are lots of memorable moments through this class whether it is sad or happy but I would say that this class is the toughest and happiness class for me as a BJM student.

At first, I never consider her warning until I really found myself messed up with lots of writing an assignment and at that time it made me realize that she was right. Lots of complaints and warnings burst into my head after I have studied the first class. I never saw a class that has a lot of rules and assignments as this class before. Perhaps, it is even more when I was in high school.

Speaking of class rules, JM310 has its unique class rules. there are lots of class rules that I think it is new for me. while Ajarn bruce starts talking about the class rules paper, I look at the class rule paper and read from the first rule till the end. Suddenly I was stunning the eyes with the fourth rules and eighteenth rules. I start to frown and wonder why Ajarn Bruce has to set this rule.

The class rule number four “Our class is a scent-free classroom. This means that all students ARE FORBIDDEN FROM using cologne, perfume, or any product with any fragrance” and number eighteen “You must bring all of the following materials to every class: Name tag, Paper Notebook, Pens, Scotch tape” After I finished reading all the rules these two rules. I was so surprised about these rules not only me but also the rest of the class are wonder about these rules too.

It is undeniable that this class made me feel so stressed out. before I go to sleep I have to prepare and check the stuff to make sure everything is in a bag and every Thursday morning. I have to set my alarm earlier than usual to come to class on time and surprisingly, this is the only class in third-year that I never came late.

The classroom is MC 309 which located on the third floor of Digital Media Center building. where I have an unforgettable moment there.

JM310 class

I am quite sure that if one day I have to study this room again, it will remind me of Ajarn Bruce and JM310 class.

Apart from the strict class rules, the group project which is randomly selected by Ajarn Bruce will be engraved on my heart.

Owing to a random group, It is quite clear that I cannot choose the members and I will never know who will be my group member. So, the only way to handle this is to adapt my self to any situation that will come through.

Working with new people is a new challenging. Some know their duties, some are not but luckily Ajarn Bruce is fair enough. I really appreciate him because he lets the students report the assessments in each member of the group. It is fair for people who work hard.

My first half group member (Left) , My second half group member (Right)

What’ others helpful trick that I got from this class is observation and writing skills. Ajarn Bruce assigns each group to think about the topic and publish it on the website. Initially, it’s hard for us to think something different but finally, we end up with the topic “The Hidden Online Threat” This topic is new and unique So, there is not much information about it. To get the information, we need a good technique for observation by pretending to be a victim. it’s such a new experience for us to pretend to be a victim and we have found that being a good journalist is not a piece of cake. It was difficult to obtain each information.

Writing 3,000 words with others is not that easy because we have a different style of writing but finally we can get through it and finish the final group article on time.

After posting the link to the article on Myhaiku. I feel like get something off my chest. I would like to thanks most of the group members who work hard for a month and I hope all this work hard paid off ultimately.

Finally, nothing to say much about this class but If I have to say something to describe this class I would say: “If you can pass this course, there are no subjects that you need to worry about” this is not a warning, it is just a word of mouth.