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Hi there!! Welcome back to my blog again and I hope that you will like my last blog about “WOOD CAFE”

As I have mentioned that I am a cafe hunter in my last blog. if you haven’t checked my previous one go check it out here and Please do not be bored because Today I have another cafe to recommend for you:)

In these days, it is undeniable that cafe and working space are becoming very popular among Thai people. it is may be because the number of people who work as self-employment or freelance is expanded over 40 percent in many countries such as The United States. Moreover, they are seeking the new way to work outside the office. So, working space is the answer for them due to the fact that they can work any time and anywhere.

The environment is also be the essential factors that play an integral role in working. it would be boring if we are working at the same place every day and Today I have working space to recommend for you. it has not only been the working space, but also the Cafe and Bristol


There are some slick and cool place, hiding in Bangkok city. the place that can be both chilling out and working at the same time. if you are looking for this kind of cafe “ The hub cafe and eatery” are what you are looking for!! it is a new cafe and also be the working space with the contemporary design. it is just open for 2 years near Rama IX Road but it has lots of stories here.

The distinctive point of it is eco-friendly design. As you can see that there is lots of trees around the here owing to the fact that the owner wants to keep the original one So, they decided to not cut the tree down and build the building to merge with the old tree.

Most of the design is black and wood. whether it is the design outside or inside, including, decorations. this cafe surrounded by trees and plants in a glass house. there is a clear glass inside So, we can easily see the view outside from inside. There are 3 different zone Out the door, Indoor, and Office where you can sit and chill. Relax or work comfortably. it is a power outlet with all convenience points to sit and enjoy all day with your laptop or your computer.


From my perspective, Not only a good vibe, but also a delicious cuisine that makes me want to come back here to try other menus. there are a variety of menus to choose such as Thai, Italian, or Fusion

On the day that I went there. Me and my friends order both food and desserts.

Let’s start with Food first,

This dish is Italian style called spaghetti cream egg shrimp. this plate is so delicious, but it’s a little bit salty. if you have a chance to go there, do not forget to try this menu!!

Moving on to….

Dessert and drink

Let’s get started with “Double Blueberry Cheese Cake” is the best-selling dessert menu of the shop. Sweet cheesecake With big blueberry. Mmm… looks so appetizing!

Summer Nut Choco Tart also be the famous one due to the fact that it is a special menu that the cafe create by themselves. the taste is amazing. The triangular tarts are covered with almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, topped with dried apricots, caramelized with sweet caramel. this menu can serve with cold and hot

Green tea latte also be my favorite one. it is not quite sweet and i feel that they use real matcha owing to its smelling.

And here is another mouth-watering dessert menu…

Caramel Macadamia Cheesecake is another one that I would like to try next time when I go there!


From where I stand, this is such a cool idea to work and chill out here with your friends and family due to the fact that not only a good vibe here but also the tasty foods and desserts. the staff also nice too! it may be because there is not much of a customer (on the day that I went) so, they are not busy and they have a time to take care of customers. Last but not least, I like this cafe because it’s pretty cute, even though it is located in a big city.


HOUR: Open everyday from9.00 am — 21.00 pm. (Close on Monday)

PRICE: started from 60–300 baht/ dish,drink

PARKING: there is a parking lot around the cafe,but not that much.

TEL: 09–2789–7181

ADDRESS: 199/9 Soi Rama 9, Rama 9 Road, Suanluang, Suanluang
Bangkok 10250

If you need more information you can go to visit

Thank you for reading my blog until this line!!!

I will have another cafe to suggest you in my next blog. So, please stay tuned.