Let’s get lost in WOOD CAFE

5 min readAug 20, 2018

Hi everyone! this is my first blog. So, I apologize if there are any errors. Let me introduce my name First! I’m katai. Normally, I’m the one who loves to go to a cafe or sometimes, my friends called me “Cafe hunter” due to the fact that I go to cafe very often. In one week, I will go at least one. Furthermore, I am always looking for a new cafe and Most people are asking me why I love to go to the cafe. First of all, Some people might think that it is nonsense to go to the cafe but I have my own reasons. I feel that Cafe helps me a lot when I try to find my new ideas or new inspirations on the ground that in each cafe, they have their own style of decoration Thus, i can adapt it to my work.

Is there anywhere to escape from the bustling city but also not far from the city? the place that you can spend your time with your family and your friends without the chaos from outside.I have this cafe to suggest you guys!

If you are looking for a cafe that feeling like nature,sylvan,and cozy. This “WOOD CAFE” is what you look for…

At first, I cannot find the cafe now that it does not look like a cafe and my friend think that it would be small but NO it has 3 different zone, which is a cafe, restaurant, and out-door. there is no doubt why wood cafe looks unique because the owner of this cafe is the designer and decorator so, that is why.

the owner said she wants to make the cafe feel like home and she already made it owing to the fact that the atmosphere in cafe really feels cozy like home. Moreover, most decorations are made from wood and they also use dried flowers and plant to make it more lively and fresh. the cafe surrounding with a lot of plants and trees makes me feel like I do really lost in the woods!

this cafe is suitable for family because not only the atmosphere that feel warm like home, but also I noticed that most of customers are family with children and older.

Healthy Food

Apart from an amazing decoration that demonstrate the attention. I feel the love and the care that the owner gives to the customer because the ingredient here are organic whether it is the vegetable or others. they use olive oil to cook and no MSG added. All of the desserts are home-made.

Here is some dessert from Wood Cafe

there are lots of desserts that look tasty, but I have ordered crab cake, iced wood special coffee, and green tea latte.

For crape cake the first reason that I decided to order is that it is look tasty. the color of crape cake is blue because it’s made from pea flowers serve with coconut milk sauce.

Apart from crape cake is iced wood special coffee. I ask the staff about what is the difference. they told me that it is the special formula of wood cafe

Another thing to consider is that the taste of dessert and drink is not too sweet due to healthy. From where I stand, if you like eating sweet you will not like it much.

Let’s move on to the food menu

there are not several kinds of food much. it has only spaghetti and rice. the staff recommends “ Angle hair with crab meat stir fried with chilies” and “Spaghetti with northern spicy sausage stir fried with dried chilies” but i have ordered “Angle hair with clams stir fried with dried chilies”

For me, i really like this dish!!! it’s delicious and not too spicy. If you are not eating spicy. you can tell the staff.

Wood Cafe also sells the souvenir. there are a lot of goods that made from wood. whether it be clothes, woven handbags,and wooden cutleries.


From my perspective, this is such a cute cafe. whether it is a nice atmosphere or the unique decorations. Speaking of the taste, I really like both of food and dessert! there are delicious!!. the staff also cute too! but it would be better if the staff smile more. Last but not least, this cafe is suitable for those who loves to take a photo.


HOUR: Fri 11.30 am — 8.00 pm and Sat& Sun 11.30 am — 9.00 pm

PRICE: started from 60–300 baht/ dish,drink

PARKING: there is a parking lot around the cafe,but not that much.

TEL: 095–807–7555

ADDRESS: Soi Ladprao Wang Hin 48, Ladprao, Ladprao Bangkok 10230

If you need more information you can go to visit WoodCafeWanghinBangkok

Thank you for reading my blog until this line!!!

I will have another cafe to suggest you in my next blog. So, please stay tuned.